Charly Black – Get Through Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Dem nuh waan wi get through in a life
Wa a fi you and fi you in a life
Father God carry mi through in a life
Mi naw left out mi old crew in a life
Mi naw play number two in a life
A gyal alone me screw in a life
Naw work no voodoo in a life
Dem nuh waan fi see me live a bigger life

Mi get through, mi get through, mi get through
Oh God, mi get through
Dutty heart a chat till dem blue
But mi get, mi get, mi get through

Mi get through, mi get through, mi get through
Thank you lord! Mi get through
God a bless me, Satan a bless you
A baay, mi get through

(Verse 2)
Travel fox paw mi foot hi well new
Look paw mi gyal, shi brand new
Bumper c**k up look pon the tattoo
Man stoppable deh pon the avenue
Dutty heart wi naw listen to
Wi nuh watch people business a nuh suh wi grew
Do wi own a thing wi nuh response fi you
Wi a lock down Germany straight to Perue

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
My life nicer than fi you
Cause you a watch me and mi naw watch you
Nough you too nough, but cuh paw you too
You nuh happy fi me, but mi happy fi you
Hey gyal this yah c**key a fi you
Extended from last year June
My c**key a the sun
Your pu**y a the moon
Mi tell you seh you a go waan me soon, soon

(Repeat Chorus)