Mavado Former Manager Says He Is An Informer, Send Cops To Cassava Piece

Is Mavado a snitch?

Mavado’s and former manager Julian Jones-Griffith is calling the singjay an informer. The two parted ways some time ago but last week things got heated between them on social media with Vado releasing Jones-Griffith personal phone number on Instagram saying that he owes promoters money.

According to a post made by Jones-Griffith, Mavado once sent cops to raid a house in Cassava Piece to search for guns.

Mavado Threatens Former Manager Julian Jones-Griffith War Of Words Over Money

“You do anything to get where you want to go,” he said about the Gully Gad. “Me see you send police to Cassava Piece and tell them gun in certain house and let them lock up Corpa.”

It will be interesting to learn who is Corpa.

Julian Jones Mavado rant

Julian Jones-Griffith also accused Mavado of taking US$25,000 from Drake to build a library in Cassava Piece but that project never happen and he never returned the money.

These are all damning allegations against the Gully Gad.