Mavado Threatens Former Manager Julian Jones-Griffith War Of Words Over Money

Mavado and his former manager Julian Jones-Griffith is currently is a war of words on social media.

Sources close to the Gullyside singjay told Urban Islandz that promoters have been calling him asking about money that was paid for shows that he didn’t turn up to. But Mavado is now saying that it was his former manager who collected those money and never paid him for the shows.

“It’s past due for my promoters to get back their money now how you say you a money man and for over two years you have the people them money that you take for shows that I have no idea about,” Mavado wrote on his Instagram page.

Fortunately we have a screenshot.

Mavado manager Instagram

The dancehall hitmaker went on to post his former manager’s personal phone number and accused him of being a thief, before deleting the post.

Julian Jones-Griffith hit back accusing Mavado of taking US$25,000 from Drake to build a library in Cassava Piece that was never built. Jones-Griffith also added that he parted ways with Mavado because he is bad for business and put money over everyone and everything.

“You have hundreds of thousands of dollars for promoters you sh*tted on… Drake gave you $25,000 to build a library that never built,” he said.

Julian Jones Mavado rant

Jones-Griffith also posted a series of tweets on Twitter.