Zagga – Smile Lyrics

(Verse 1)
True dem see man smile
Dem naw go know the story
But a nuh likkle time mi a skin teeth and a dead fi hungry
When dem see man laugh dem wouldn’t even know the half
Fi dem future look bright, and fi you look dark

But you wear you smile like a make up everyday
Seh a nuh everybody fi know you….
Tell some people you problem dem charge you like everyday
A nuh everybody fi know you…

(Verse 2)
Some days might overcast
And you haffi meck you own sun
Some days a go sunny
So nuh worry, just hold out till the rain done
And nuh bother watch the grass weh greener
Cause nough happiness nuh real
A real knockoff
So anytime you deh down
Just turn it all around

(Repeat Chorus)

Cause some a dem seh dem got you back
And waan you drop
Keep a smile most a dem talk allot
Dem people deh weh wi call parrot
Seh dem wish you help but dem prayer seh heart-attack
As a sheep you haffi brave fi run wid the wolves
Dem can only use wa dem know

(Repeat Chorus)