Lil Kim – Mine ft. Kevin Gates Lyrics

(Intro – Kevin Gates)
Don’t mind you looking at it
I don’t mind people looking at it
Don’t get mad if she ain’t looking back at you ni**a
Don’t get mad if she ain’t looking back at you ni**a

(Chorus – Kevin Gates)
Don’t mind you looking cause she mine girl, she for me
Fall off, she gon hold it down, please believe
Firearm, we roll around in the streets
When I get home it’s going down in the sheets
Don’t mind you looking cause she’s mine girl, she a big fine girl
Every-time she whine, she move her body like a spider
And everybody watching all that ass she got behind her
Money maker shine but I don’t mind cause I’mma grinder

(Verse 1 – Lil Kim)
You know how we be moving
Me and Kevin Gates
I’mma style and I’mma keep shining
Like the roof on the Wraith
Eat my pu**y with his breakfast
Cause he love the way it tastes
He said that I stay on his mind
How I be sitting on his face
I don’t need nothing but bread
I don’t need ni**as for nothing but head
They all fantasize being with Kim
Every night, I’m laying right next to him
F**k my ex, you make me wetter
Fabulous, you make me better
Chanel sneakers, Chanel leather
Chanel bag in Chanel weather
Hundred grand on that PRG
I don’t hear what no peon say
See me with him, just know that’s me
Ten carats scream fiance
See my pu**y print all through my jeans
I know you watch all this ass behind me
Should be watching this ni**a that’s right beside me

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Kevin Gates)
You know how we be moving, listening to Future, Pluto
People like us take over, I’m a shooter with a shooter
Says he down here from up north, college, she commuting
She my new professor, I’m learning, I’m a student
Her momma hate me, say I’m too advanced, ask her how she’s doing
She never say it to my face, I’m turnt up I’m a movie, yeah
At night she hear her daughter scream, Cassius Clay, I boom bye yae
My hand around her throat she naked, I bent her over on the dresser
It’s too gangsta how I’m dressing, beat the pu**y up, no question
Pull her hair ho, you forgiven, hair red or blonde, or whatever
I-I’m caressing on her breastes, kissing on her, you a blessing
Knew I loved her when I met her, she love me, you looking for her

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3 – Lil Kim + Kevin Gates)
You pulled it out and now he’s shooking on it
Grabbed my neck and now I’m choking on it
Hold it down if you go to prison
Conversate, conjugal visits
Keep our love, I got the COD
I’mma hold it down like B.o.B
That dope pu**y that chronic
That DRE, so don’t OD
Hold up baby, come here, give it to me
I’m about to uh huh, lick the pu**y
In the car, don’t give a f**k who looking
And..hustle through this for you
D**k her full, don’t know if you notice
Say it ain’t come here on a muscle
Lot of spit when you humming on it
Legs shaking now you cumming on it
Quiet babe, power coming on it
Uber coming, now you going home
I know it’s difficult dealing
With a ni**a that’s in my profession
Hold up babe, why you in your feelings?
Break it for me, gotta tell your ni**a
Fly a kite Michael Jackson, thriller
You say, don’t nobody keep it realer
Real one, I homicide the vision
Say her name, they gon get the business
Chris Brown, playing when I killed her
He could f**k you too cause that’s my ni**a
I ain’t cuffing pu**y, I ain’t with it
She could be for you and treat her special
Yeah, she say she love me, you looking for her

(Repeat Chorus)