Tanto Blacks Address Being Bottled And Scammers Targeting Him

Tanto Blacks made headlines last week for an alleged bottling incident during his first performance in Canada.

The initial reports suggest that the deejay made a gay slur before someone in the audience hurled a vodka bottle on stage.

Tanto Blacks Gay Slur Got Him Bottled In Canada

Tanto Blacks has finally broken his silence on the news calling it BS.

“Tanto Blacks never do that in Jamaica yet I don’t even curse bard words on stage,” the “Real Rich” deejay said. “I only gimmicks and laugh and let people happy. So when I reached Canada I heard that I styled gay and them bottle me and them stuffs. I am not that kind of man who is going to style people… I don’t care if gay or anyone is in the party.”

Tanto Blacks has also been the victim of scammers recently and is urging promoters and his fans to be careful who they do business with.

“They have this lady who a scam people,” the deejay said. “So if you don’t hear my voice on the phone then don’t send your money to anyone for no show or dubplates.”