Tanto Blacks Gay Slur Got Him Bottled In Canada

Tanto Blacks new found freedom to fly to Canada to perform could be short lived. Earlier this month the “Real Rich” deejay announced that he got his Canadian visa.

Last weekend the deejay touched down in Canada for his first show but things didn’t go as well as he planned. Sources told Urban Islandz that 15 minutes into his set, Tanto Blacks paused to speak with his fans.

“Woman alone me love bun batty man twitter!”” Tanto said before a vodka bottle came flying on stage.

Thankfully the deejay was not hurt or any of the patrons in the venue.

Tanto Blacks is currently seeing a surge in his popularity in dancehall following the success of his single “Real Rich.”

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Mi happy over yah

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A rep for the deejay has since denied the allegations.


  1. Got visa to travel overseas,and he already offend half of the world’s population.Jamaican artist reggae music have suffered enough,unno stick to entertaining and leave the politics and who want to be this,or that out of the music Don’t advocate for the behavior,or lash out against it because them plentiful,and YOU won’t win the fight.

  2. dancehall artists make it too easy to target them… smh look how easy n quick he just messed jeopardized his whole travel situation. unnu fi bill wid certain things outside a JA, when unnu ago learn? anuh everything good fi eat good fi talk. why jeopardize an opportunity to tour the world and make good money. what are you proving? and to whom? the world done know how dancehall stay already, just mek u money and gwan home & then bun u fire if u must

  3. I don’t get this need to profess “me love women”. He must be confused as hell.