Mavado – Big Bumpa Gal Lyrics

(Repeat Chorus)
Big bumper gyal
You mi like
Back it up fi mi like you deh pon a bike

Yo pu**y good, yo body tight
Back it up fi mi like you deh pon a bike

(Verse 1)
Gyal you a state a you heart
A your body, your world class pu**y mi want
Gyal mi love when you call and tell mi you miss the f**k
And you love when mi lift you up
Gyal bwal and tell mi you miss the f**k
When you man a go lue a me fix you up

Him seh him a select and naw mix you
Mi f**k you yea, mi f**k till you spit suh
Hold the d**k nuh, whine pon the tip nuh
Take a picture broke the selfie stick nuh

Gyal mi have a plan fi you
Fi pose one in a you belly like domino
You change out like cambio
You a whine meck you panty show

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Gyal whine fi me
You a my bad gyal
My Riri
Is a fantasy
Move yo batty Jaw one, two, three
Mi love you, mi love you
Stop tell mi you a come, and come, and come
Ride mi d**k come over
Mi feel a the right time
Worst when a night time
A bad gyal a crab up mi back
Under some rass whine
Gyal come over
F**k fi hour
Meck you haffi remix mi f**k
Mi seh mi f**k you over