K. Michelle – Ain’t You Lyrics

Hit me
I know you’re gone on that liquor, ain’t you?

I know you’re gone on that liquor, ain’t you?
Getting throwed with me, baby ain’t you?
Only one I be giving game to
These dudes mad cause they really ain’t you
I know you’re gone on that liquor, ain’t you?
Baby I ain’t tryna change you
Got you gone and I feel the same too
These dudes mad cause they really ain’t you

(Verse 1)
Oh, I got my own s**t, don’t want your money
Nope, I drop a hundred bands like it’s easy money
These ni**as is trying to shoot but you got the lay up
Ain’t none of them telling the truth, nope
They f**king your day up

(Pre Chorus)
Oh, I done dodged so many ceremonies
Coulda had fifty mil in alimony
Give you everything, what you want from me?
You know, everybody’s got a testimony
Like I used to f*** with your old homie
You the only one I keep it hundred with, you know
Paparazzi waiting at the party when I leave here
Can’t somebody tell me why these ni**as gotta be here?
I don’t wanna be here, it don’t get no easier
We ain’t supposed to drink in here, oh

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Pour up, tell that waiter bring another drink
Order hundred Jack, we gon drink it by the bottle
Roll another one, I know you’re fiending so I’mma get you higher than a pilot
Gone off that liquor, I’m always so honest, don’t mind what I say
But tell all your bi**hes, I told all my ni**as to stay in their place

(Repeat Pre Chorus & Chorus)

Whatever you want from me baby
You can get it when you call on me baby
You know that I’m about it, no limits
Tell me your favorite positions
I’ll climb on top and I’ll put it on you
You can get it all
Every time you leave I need more
Might just have to bring you on tour, on tour
Oh, I know that that liquor got you on one
I’mma let you hit it like a home run, like a home run
I know you’re gone off that liquor, ain’t you?
These dues mad cause they really ain’t you

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  1. honey* jack not hundred jack :)