Busy Signal – Wine Fimi Lyrics

Baby wine fi mi
Gyal wine fi mi
Mi love how you curve up the waistline fi mi

Baby ride fi mi
Gyal wine fi mi
Treat it like ackee tree and climb fi mi

(Verse 1)
Mi gyal, quint it, quint it, quint it to the tick a the clock
And then yo grip mi right deh suh between the tick and the toc
Member me seh pon the edge
Up a the tip a the top
Shi meck a stop, shi get a slap
Shi left a skip and a hop
Shi seh busy easy nuh, when mi force it pon her
Shi never know the supn would a reach so far
Mi a pinch up the nipple but mi naw pet her
Worst shi nuh virgin, a no me first get her

Easy nuh
Gyal what a way
The other day mi buck you up you did a chat a way
Now mi a drape up yo pu**y to how it fat a way
And now you haffi get the daggering the hotter way

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Mi gyal easy nuh
Slow wine don’t stop it
Cool it down pon the edge mi love how you a kotch hi
Easy nuh, the way you grip mi when you lock hi
Brace pon the wall, brace pon the wall
Seh when you ride like a bike a deh style deh mi like
Then shi turn to the side, a da style deh mi like
The bedhead board a knock
The old chair a rock
Fi couch pon the couch shi have da style deh lock
Suh mi put her pon the supn meck shi scream
The girl start disturb the scheme
Shi get wet like shi a shower
While shi a get a power ride
Way longer than a hour ride

(Repeat Chorus 2X)