Lady Saw – My House Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Gyal seh dem hot and dem nuh stop bats bout
In a bed you a chat off dem mouth
Pepper sauce anytime dem come out
But man dem nuh stop dash dem out

Hot gyal nuh kotch wid dem friend
Dem nuh owed no mortgage and rent
Name deh pon the title fi the Benz
Wi nuh live under pretense

A my house, yes a my house
See the key deh, a my house

A my house, yes a my house
No rat nuh live in deh
A my house

A my house, yes a my house
Mi nuh haffi call no man fi come spray no cockroach
A my house, yes a my house
All when man nuh in deh, a my house

(Verse 2)
Mi buy a bed and a brand new dresser
Pot and plate, and a new pressure cooker
Sealing fan just fi cool off mi man
And Courts just drop off mi two night stand
Mi bathroom under renovation
So mi bathe in a the new one
Top a the line tub wid glass bottom
A who some gyal a hype pon

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Mi nuh haffi worry when mi left the dance
Mi nuh haffi hide from no landlord
Mi nuh haffi fling stone after dog
A me a the owner fi the yard

Mi nuh haffi call dem fi let mi in
Mi nuh haffi jump fence like marine
In a mi house mi live like a queen
Walk out in a the video if you know weh mi mean

(Repeat Chorus)