CURREN$Y – Sorry for the Wraith Lyrics

know they hatin on me, la dada da da da da
Angel on front my car prayin for me, Yeah!
You dont know unless you know
Gotta be in the know
To really know
You know?
snatch my tint up off the window, sorry for the Wraith
Can’t get left out the loop
can’t see my face smiling at the ones who hate

(Verse 1)
Fiber optic roof, they say I’m the truth
Like a polygraph result, say I’m a boss
Underground my bad bi**h a killer, think Salt
Aeon Flux
Laura Croft, break you off
Then find you unconscious in your empty vault
Rude awakening found out you took a loss
While we was on our side of things
Getting fitted for rings
Refrigerators to capacity with champagne
Because you never know when you gotta celebrate
Playa playa, lately we been winning everyday
Snatch the tint up off the windows, sorry for the Wraith

(Verse 2)
Sweatsuit, 300 hundred thousand dollar coupe
Bi**h guess who, same one brung them low riders through
Old school, every now and then cop something new
Slap some folks across they face, that’s what you gotta do
Paper plates on my cargo
Bowl full of gumbo
Sippin champagne through a straw
Hella clicquot bottles for my dollar clocking squadron
Slidin cold like a bobsled, bi**h I’m outchea

Snatch the tint up off my window
Sorry for the Wraith
Fiber optic roof
They say I’m the truth
smilin at the ones who hating
snatch the tint up off my window sorry for the Wraith
Know they hatin on me
Angel on my car, prayin for me
Get your paper homie
Owners manual
Gotta be in the know
To know
You know?
East side on the rise
New Orleans