WIZ KHALIFA – Bake Sale ft. Travis Scott Lyrics

(Intro – Juicy J & Wiz Khalifa)
Mr. Captain
You ready again bro?
TGOD Mafia
Straight out of Pittsburgh, mane
Can’t smoke weed to it
Don’t doubt this ni**a
I don’t wanna listen to it
He the truth, ni**a

(Chorus – Travi$ Scott)
At my bake sale yeah
We can’t wait to bake, hell yeah
Laughing off this drank, hell yeah
Loving, having sex, hell yeah
All day, hell yeah
We’ve been counting cake, hell yeah
Puffing on this dank, hell yeah
We can’t wait to bake, hell yeah

(Bridge – Travis Scott)
I’ve been on the phone, hell yeah
Getting calls from home, hell yeah
So I started up a bake sale, yeah
They know I got all the cake, hell yeah

(Verse 1 – Wiz Khalifa)
Cookies and OG
Come to my crib, we blow by the Os
Kush, you already know
It ain’t in a joint, we don’t even smoke it
I keep a bi**h getting stoned
We waking and baking, puffing a J
She told me that I’m her new favorite
How much do we blaze? A hundred a day
Say they got the good but what the pack smell like?
Feel like it’s a dream but now we back to real life
It’s incredible
I got flowers, wax, inhalers, edibles
All s**t you never saw
And it’s all at my bake sale
Roll another one, help me think well
I stay with the plane
I’m slanging them thangs, you know we ain’t new to this
Let’s turn on the stove and call up some hoes
Let’s roll up and do this s**t

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Wiz Khalifa)
I just rolled a pound at my bake sale
Bi**hes going down at my bake sale
I just keep it real, I don’t fake well
Ni**as say they on, well I can’t tell
I just f**ked three hoes, I don’t know their name
Pu**y come and pu**y go, it’s all the same
I’m rolling up the weed while I count the cake
Naked bi**hes in the kitchen, shake n bake
What you think? I’m on this dank, I’m off that drank
I often blaze an ounce a day
You at my crib, it’s no mistake
Rolling papers, rolling trays, shattered pieces
Glasses, lighters, torches, spark it, anything that matters
You can get it all right here at my

(Repeat Chorus)

(Outro – Wiz Khalifa & Travis Scott)
Roll, roll one up
Get a J, make a plane, now we going up
All day, every day, we ain’t roll enough
Get a pound, break it down, get them cones though
It’s going down, going down
I’ma roll one up
Get a J, make a plane, now we going up
All day, every day, we ain’t smoke enough
I’m on the K, K, stoned as f***
At my bake sale yeah