Vybz Kartel x Mon Cherie – Gates Of Heaven Lyrics

Your touch is amazing
You I dedicate my soul
Going out my mind crazy!
And am gonna break the law

I am whatever you make me
I love you

If you love me, tell mi seh you love me
My eyes are open
Lover, Our heart has spoken
With you the gates of heaven are open
That’s why you make my love come down
That’s why you make my love come down

(Verse 1)
We ain’t got no secrets
Lay it all on the table
Tell me wa a gwaan baby
For disclosure
You can trust me

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Hold on nuh
Mi love you
Baby come on nuh
Now a go play you
Play the piano
Member the day me meet you
Gi mi you number mi call yo
Teacher nuh….a nuh suh dancehall go
Love you baby, love you baby
You a the vehicle weh drive Addi crazy
Me a you solder, army, navy
Defeat the Natsy, take our picture paparazzi
Everything gravy
baby mi need you believe mi

(Repeat Chorus)