HIT-BOY – Lord Have Mercy ft. PriceTag & Quentin Miller Lyrics

(Verse 1 – Hit-Boy)
Lord have mercy, I ain’t showing no mercy
Murderous thoughts since I made 20 off my first beat
Before Hit was, nervous on stage at Bercy
Clique shoes, the game tried to do me dirty
HS87 look at the back of my jersey
We closing in on a opposition thirty
I’m on my shift early throwing ingridients in a sauce…whipping
House Of Hits from head to toe
Just to pop off, dripping
Aquafina water with the top off, get it?
Me and Quentin, both lucky
Our clique name end with a 7
Amazing how they letting s**t this good going old
Making me more focus
F**k em we ball

(Chorus – Quentin Miller)
Lord have mercy, I ain’t showing no mercy
At the HTAL3 the price
1-3-1-7 I put it first and
HS87 tighter than virgins

(Verse 2 – Quentin Miller)
We both rap but I’m the better version
Not ashamed that…came with insurance
Lord have mercy, I ain’t showing no mercy
Hats, snares and kicks from Hit
You can’t sleep forever, I let you rest
You girl thought about me and said better yet
counting for every step
I hit the track and turn it to Grand Theft
Five stars, my bars they can’t catch me
Turned down a lot of your favourite rappers
I don’t need nobody, I wouldn’t lie
You ain’t heard nobody that brought it to you in this fashion
Since Push from way back when
Ask him where the ticket, we taxing
Ask Cas we taxing
We had to take the game, f**k asking
They thought that they could get rid of me actually
I’m hearing they got to live off me actually
Lord have mercy, can’t let em relax me
No mercy ni**a it’s a wrap man

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3 – Price)
I’m heaven sent, never been scared of s**t
Taught me
Presidents on me, presidential don’t need a car key
Bip bip
Speaking of car keys, don’t you start me, get off me
Soon as you said we that’s where you lost me, hoo
So don’t associate me with the broke and
You nothing close to greatness you supposed to hate me
Lord have mercy I’m stuck in this s**t
While you was stuck to a b*tch, I stuck to the script
Free my mind, got on the grind and put my trust in my clique
Me and my peep went over time there ain’t no luck with the s**ts
Lord have mercy
With the first week
I’m from where ni**as get DP’d if they..with
My new shawty got more a*s than church seats
I came with Miller I ain’t talking bout Percy
23 roses in the club don’t let em search me
You verse me you just a earthling
I’m a God you never heard me
Fall back

(Repeat Chorus)