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Gage – Ri Ri Come Yah [New Music]

Seem Dancehall star Gage have eyes for Rihanna. The Kitty Cat DJ dropped new single “Ri Ri,” produced by JazzyKitt Music Group.

Ri Ri come yah
Have a long c**key weh mi waan you sit down
Clean pu**y genes you nuh walk wid gunna
Porch pum, pum, Parlene waan plummer
You pu**y big like the state

You love wear probe
Gyal yah is a runner
You man have a local, you never see da gun yah
You step in a da room yah you never left down yah
Come yah, sit down yah

Gage – Ri Ri Come Yah Lyrics

Listen full track below.

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