YOUNG THUG – Serious Lyrics

I’ma treat a bi**h just like a bi**h
I’ma treat a snitch just like a snitch, f**k em
Dressing, I get flyer than a witch
I don’t wanna wrestle like a bi**h
Black pleather…this is black leather, bi**h
I can’t remember that hoe, I’m too rich
I am down to f**k hoes, I ain’t six
And I’m so serious
So serious, so serious, so serious, so serious
I f**k hoes all over the world
I make it beauty like CoverGirl
YSL til I’m dead, impaled
Nah I’m for real, for real

(Verse 1)
I’ma f**k all on it like a muh-f**ka
Have her head pointed to the ceiling like a muh-f**ka
Hugging on my d**k, say you get it wet
Told me to get rich, it’s thicker than a muh-f**ka
Give her good d**k, give me good clit
Smell like candy, I’m a fiend like a muh-f**ka
Give her big d**k on a candy stick
S**k my whole clique and get rich like a muh-f**ka
Muh-f**ka, yes I’m rich like a muh-f**ka
I’ma turn up my whole clique, watch it, muh-f**ka
She s**king off my black like an hog s**ker
I know that she’s a gnat like a muh-f**ka
I told that lil baby this the pedigree
Now she don’t get no sleep like a muh-f**ka
I make em f**k the streets and bring it to me
I’m a P.I.M.P., yep, muh-f**ka
I’m a bad mothaf**ka
Green and red mothaf**king flag, modyf**ka
I dress like a prince, not a fag, modyf**ka
Leave a ni**a dead, f**k a sad modyf**ka
F*** her, pay, get that s**t out my face
Take over these streets like a parade
And drinking gin and juice, booling in these shades
No I’m not gay, when I hit it though they rate me

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Know that I’m for real
YSL killer, get killed
Bi**h I got water like a seal
Bi**h I’ll be back like an appeal
I don’t know the time, but I got five watches
Only thing a ni**a know about that time is
It don’t stop and it’s timeless
Only thing I know about
Rich sh*t all in a ni**a’s blood
Ni**a these are pro diamonds
And when I cover em up they still shining, ya dig?
Diamonds moving like a skater, baby
High, super high like Space Invaders, baby
I go around like an equator, baby
I am on top like a toupee, lil baby
You drag me just like a trailer, baby
I know I’m very able, baby
I push down and go like an eraser, baby
F**k a finger, I’ll give you three fingers like a naval, yeah

(Repeat Chorus)