Buju Banton Sentence Reduced Will Leave Prison Early

Buju Banton will be getting out of prison a little earlier than previously expected. U.S. authorities have reduced his prison sentence by a mere two months.

While two months may not seems as much to us all, for Buju that is a big deal because that is two months earlier that he will get to be with his family.

Buju Banton On Why He Gave Up And Decides To Serve Full Sentence

Banton, whose real name is Mark Myrie, is currently serving a 10-year sentence in the McRae correctional institution in Atlanta. He is expected to be released in February 2019. With this new development he could be out of prison as early as December 2018.

Last year Buju Banton reached an agreement with the US Attorney Office in Florida where he waived all rights to future appeal in return for them dropping a gun charge.

Banton was found guilty on three counts of drug trafficking charges in 2011. He was arrested at a warehouse in South Florida in December 2009 in a drug sting operation.


  1. Roberto Bacon Borello

    Maybe if he followed his father’s advice… DON’T SNIFF COKE!

  2. Buju you are truly missed, stay strong and come forth with new found fiya!!

  3. Buju was not arrested at any sting at any warehouse. Buju Banton was miles away on tour when this sting took place.

  4. Free up the Gargamel two months is not enough how about two years. Buju innocent.

    • So sad.. A beautiful talent silenced for three more years…he has 15 children to take care of. What a waste. Enough is enough..Free Buju!

  5. Yes Buju I wanna be loved right now. Bless up and keep strong like you are ever going to read this.