Mavado – In God We Trust Lyrics

When ghetto youth buss you know dem hate wi
Dem daughters love wi and dem lady
Suh you nuh haffi question why dem hate wi
A true wi nuh broke again wi pocket weighty

Inna God we trust
God we trust

Inna God we trust
God we trust

(Verse 1)
Dem waan see wi fall down but a God lead US
Then how wi fi pop down when a God we trust

Christians a mad dem waan fi mad wi
But wi naw go meck dem have wi
Worldlyants a cops dem waan fi grab mi
But mi under the blood of the almighty
Yo black or if you whitey
Go to church and highty, tighty
You nuh see the league buck in the party
Hi stronger when dem fight hi

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
When mi wake mi nuh waan see no problem
Bees mi waan fi si pitch
Dem a walk wid a crosses pon dem
Too damn devilish
The likkle s**t waan you fall in a pit
Score off a yo life like a ball him a kick
Spanish Town send dem wid the tall matic

Dem badness gone in a lip
Mi born wid the fire, mi nuh born in a it
Stignant mi nuh stagnant wid it
Spectacular, so dynamic
High, so iconic
Fast focus no alcoholic
A the most high roll mi a keep
Some nuh real a dem soul dem a flip

(Repeat Chorus)