Fetty Wap Baby Mama Masika Says He Knocked Her Up On Purpose

Fetty Wap is being blast by his baby mama Masika Kalysha. The Love and Hip Hop Hollywood reality star took to Twitter on Wednesday, the same day that he did an interviewer claiming that she purposely got pregnant with his baby.

Since the news broke last month of the unplanned pregnancy, the feud between the two celebrities have been heating up.

During an interview with TheShadeRoom on Wednesday, Fetty Wap opened up about how he and Masika met and also states that she purposely got knocked up.

That part of the interview started around the 2:30 minute mark

Seems Masika Kalysha didn’t take his statement too likely and went on a Twitter rant. She is basically saying that he was the one who purposely got her pregnant.

“That b**ch was better of keeping his mouth shut. No real man speaks negative about the woman he got pregnant on purpose against her will,” she tweeted.

Masika pregnant


  1. Good for her gold digging ways,everybody need love but i don’t care how much money he has i would not sleep with a one eye man.

  2. He ejaculated inside her…she has it right. What a crazy environment for a child to be born into.

    • She knew for sure he was not wearing any protection and didn’t seem to have a problem with him not protecting him self. She acted as if she very much welcome his carelessness. So i would say he right.

      • Not the she know I wasn’t wearing protection, so I had to put it somewhere defense. Let’s see how “right” he is when she takes him to court for child support. You (men) make easy targets.