K Camp – Situation Lyrics

(Chorus – K Camp)
F**k with a ni**a, why wait?
I ain’t tryna take you on a date
Move that lame ni**a out the way
If he ain’t tryna get her then I’m straight
I’ll throw the money in your face
I’ll put your bi**h in her place
Slap her on the a*s like ooh, ooh
Shawty I ain’t ever sang, true, true
It don’t take much to get loose
I can bring the freak out of you
You know I’m tryna win, not lose
She done been around the whole crew
Shawty just doing what she do
F**king with the squad like ooh, ooh

(Verse 1 – K Camp)
Smoking on the OG gas
I’ma need a little more bags
I’ma need a little more cash
Stars on me like a flag
I’m drinking that s**t out the flask
Real pimp ni**a, my bad
Smoking that precious like ooh, ooh
Shawty said that that a*s real
Pop a couple pills in the Hills
Baby just tell me how it feel
F**k around, make a short film
Shawty act like the old Kim
I’ll treat you like one of them
All in the pu**y like ooh, ooh
Ask all my bi**hes
Ask all my bi**hes, you know that s**t
Ask all my bi**hes
Ask all my bi**hes, you know that s**t too
Ask all my bi**hes
Ask all my bi**hes, you know that s**t
Ooh, ooh

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Tink)
Tink and Camp, yeah
Shawty make me buss like a semi
Feel it in my guts when he’s in me, just my type
Might as well call it and I got it
Get it one time and I swear that s**t changed my life
Ooh you’re something special, boy
And it feels like ooh, ooh
Ooh, yeah, let’s start with confessions
What’s your first impression of me? Something crazy?
I mean I was normal until we got formal
And now I’m all crazy
Have you ever tried ecstasy
When you put your love on me?
Kinda feels like ooh, ooh
Oh and you can
Ask all my ladies, ask all my ladies
You’re the only thing I think about, there’s no concentrating
Ask all my ladies, you can ask all my ladies
It’s you, Tink and Camp, yeah

(Repeat Chorus)