Isaiah Laing Says Sting Was A Success Artists Says BS

Isiah Laing says Sting 2015 was a huge success despite its premature end, but most artists are calling that statement BS.

Cops walked onto the stage and pulled the plug on the annual event at minutes after 6 Sunday morning leaving a lot of artists not performing including Beenie Man, Ninjaman, Gully Bop and more.

Several patrons complained bitterly that the event was below par and was not worth the effort. But the event promoter Isiah Laing says the show was incident free.

“It was 100 per cent incident-free and I am grateful for that,” Laing said. “Majority of the veteran acts billed for the event performed. We would have loved more time; unfortunately, the police ended the show prematurely. Over the past 31 years, they have always granted us additional time and have been co-operative. We made every effort to encourage an early turnout, especially with the gate prize of a free motorbike every hour. We will work closer with the artistes to manage their time on stage, to ensure everyone gets their turn to perform, as the end time will not exceed 6:30 am.”

Vershon, who did not get to perform, says that Sting 2015 was an amateur event and he will not be performing on the show in the future.

“The show was not organized and this is the first and the last year for Sting for me,” the deejay said.