Chris brown – Blow It In the Wind Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Oh baby, you stay on my brain, I smoke, kick back and think
Sometimes a ni**a be lonely, so many bi**hes, I ain’t gotta be
So got the crew on the way, huh, no work, all play
I got a castle with the boat, everybody, we gon live it up, aye
Keep talking mami but I ain’t tryna hit it right now
Oh keep watching me, we sitting here tryna have a good time right now

(Pre Chorus)
Cause babe, the truth is you don’t have to think about it, if you new to this, lemme show you how
Raise your middle finger to your problems, yeah, if you let em, they gon bring you down
Keep tripping on us but we just stunting on em right now
They hating on us, they just mad cause we way up, right now

So blow it in the wind
Let the sparks fly now, get your mind blown
Let the good times get your back, let the sparks fly now
We can smile and then they wonder why, we up now
So blow it in the wind
We can’t let them other ni**as kill the vibe
So blow it in the wind
All that bulls**t, we gon let it ride

(Verse 2)
So f**k it, call in sick, they don’t pay enough anyway
Sh*t you might as well quit cause every now and then you need a break
Girl I feel you, I’mma pour it up right now
Aye so fall through cause they gon have to shut us down

(Repeat Pre Chorus & Chorus)

Hit the corner, swerving left to right
You know we get to ducking when we see them lights
I catch a charge and beat it
I pop a 30, codeine got me leaning
Yeah yeah, you know the strong don’t quit
Yeah you know my shooters don’t miss
Steady double cup in the fifth, ice
Me and my ni**as be young, black and rich, wassup
I got my feet up in the two seater
Ni**as stay looking but don’t wanna see us
So to the haters and true believers
All my people, you know I see ya
Hey yeah, yeah yeah
Yeah sing it baby like
Hey yeah, yeah yeah
Hey yeah, yeah yeah
Hey yeah, yeah yeah

(Repeat Chorus)