Tommy Lee Sparta – White Rum & Boom Lyrics

White rum mi a drink and boom
White rum mi a drink and boom
Bleaching no light skin pon sun
Badman nuh play ring pon tongue
Gyal a whine like her waist cyaa done
C**k up yo bumper, shake yo bottom
Watch the batty jaw just a boom, boom, boom
Boom, bom, bom, bom, bom, bom, boom

(Verse 1)
This is my life Tommy lee bad crying
Mi nuh care, bad like
Iron dawg bite, bite
Full yo weather box
From you see the vibes a gwaan and chat hi mash hi up
RIght now mi feel like mi would a f**k mi money up
Watch this, selector money pull up

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Mi nuh talk bout dem, dem a waste time
Mi nuh have sense no mi nuh spend time
Face this first
Mi king a the jungle and am not Lion
Get it, jungle, Lion?
The gyal dem time
Like si Shenella buss a bloodclaat whine
Her ass and the riddim just a beat one time
Weed left mi eye ball dem crying

(Repeat Chorus 3X)