Lil Durk – Spent Me ft. Meek Mill Lyrics

(Chorus – Lil Durk)
I got it when it was a drought
I got it when nobody tried
My ni**as they counted me in
When everybody counted me out
When everybody counted me out
When everybody counted me out
When everybody counted me out
When everybody counted me out
I had to get back on my sh*t I had to go and get it
Cause I do it for the trap ni**as
I had to get back on my s**t and go and get it
I keep my distance from these rap ni**as

(Verse 1 – Lil Durk)
I feel like I started this s**t
Lil Durk I’m the heart of this s**t
Sosa Sosa Ressey Ressey me, I’m like Pac in this s**t
It’s my arrogance saying
T-Farris can’t spend me, moon dawg can’t spend me
And these others ni**as spend me
Ni**as ain’t give me my fame
Ni**as ain’t saying my name
Think about taking my chain
Thinking that I was a stain
Look at me now, look at the clout
Look at my diamonds, look at my house
Look at my bi**h, look at trap
Look at me now f*** ni**a look at me now

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Meek Mill)
Ni**a counted me out, should’ve counted me in
F**k up the count on the milli, f**k it we count it again
Ni**as they never could kill me, I’m going out with the win
I’m going out with my 30, banging on you and your friend
Bending the corner just me and Omelly we riding the seven
I pull up on ni**as they never could touch in bulletproof Caddies
I’m hitting up BB and I’m calling Lolo to bring through the ladders
They bend through your corner they hitting whoever it don’t even matter
Creeping through my block I’m looking for my man
Pu**y ni**a made me go and spend a hundred grand
The type of murder that your mama wouldn’t understand
I bring it to him brown bag with the rubber band

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3 – Lil Durk)
I was all in it when nobody cared
Chino was there
Ni**as around I know they ain’t care
Hit the street with that rally on me
That pu**y f**king go mileage on it
Every song every bar I’m spazzing on em
Daddy had told me behave myself
The streets and the hoes so he paid to dealt
One thing had told me be real and be young ni**a
Ni**a was screaming to save yourself
In the hood with that gun up on me
Money, lean, and my son up on me
Watch out for the phony homie they money hungry
The hood and the ghetto they told me go get it
My mama and daddy had told me go get it
The ni**as beside me told me go get it
Go get it while these f**k ni**as gon spend me

(Repeat Chorus)

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