August Alsina – This Thing Called Life Lyrics

I don’t really know
I mean s**t that’s usually my everyday
Why am I always thinking
This thing called life is just a bi**h
Sometimes I talk to myself too much
Who is God?
A ni**a just be trying to figure it out
If I die will I go to heaven?
I’m always thinking my brain always gone in a blank
Is God my friend or does God love me?
I got to do better
What is this?
Ni**as say when you come up, money changes everything
I got to do more
What is that?
No f**k that no it don’t
More money more mother f**king problems
What’s with this s**t about we supposed to survive right?
Who put me here?
Where do I go next?
What’s next?
That’s something to think about
What’s this s**t really about?
How did I even get here?
Why don’t you want to see a ni**a eat?
Bah! Bah! Is that the police?
I be damned if a ni**a kill me
You win some you lose some
Who is policing the police?
I heard this saying
What mark am I going to leave here on this earth?
Why are you mad?
Can you answer?
What the f**k you mad
What is life?
What is this?
Do you know?
What is this thing called life?