Migos – Case Closed Lyrics

(Intro – Quavo)
Aye, Migos
We back, bi**h, yeah
Check it
Y’all probably thought this s**t was gon stop, huh?

(Chorus – Quavo)
I bet you thought you would never see, never!
Migo gang back again, it’s the three
You better go hide where your momma be momma!
And she told you you can’t have no company, no!
Minor setback for a major comeback
Minor setback for a major comeback
Minor setback for a major comeback
Minor setback for a major comeback
You thought a ni**a was gon fall off, fall off!
Hahaha, hell no!
Hit it up, pipe it up, look at my dab
They done f**ked up and freed all of my dawgs
Minor setback for a major comeback
Minor setback for a major comeback
Minor setback for a major comeback
Minor setback for a major comeback

(Verse 1 – Quavo)
Case closed, we can stop the ducking
Went and did the show out there in Georgia Southern
Had a couple grams on us, large amounts
Carry a couple straps, they wasn’t even dirty
We was super late, but they said be early
The other van had Rich and Murking
Got to the show, 12 deeper than 30
That’s when I knew that somebody was working
We the only ni**as in the back
I had to hand big 12 my f**king strap
What I’ma do with my pack?
Damn, I put that s**t right in my bag
12 looking at us, mad
Cause we thugging and our pants sag
While we’re piping the stage up, doing the dab dance
12 searching the van, damn
They locked up my driver, damn, streets!
Soon as we thanked our fans
We walked off the staged
Then walked through the locker room, they was cuffing our hands
Hold up, ain’t no talking, no discussion
They threw us in the paddy van, paddy!
S**t, we all said, f**k it
Whatever happen’s God’s plans

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Offse)
I had to sit down once again in the pen
Denying my bond once again and again, damn
We kept it solid, don’t fold and don’t bend
Had to beat a ni**a tryna steal up out my Benz
Diamonds be kicking like Ryu and Ken
If I had the chance I would jump the fence
Sat on my box, read a book while I vent
Didn’t do a show, but I still got my percent, cash!
Felt like I lost it, but I got it back
She arching her back in the back of my hatch
I swear to the Lord that I’m not going back
Back on the road, 80 though, we need that
Takeoff gave a hunnit, told me to relax
Sleeping one eye open, Silver without a patch, I see you!
They set us up knowing we stay with them straps
You not a boss cause it’s something you lack
Minor setback for a major comeback
Smoking on gas, breathing like Toni Brax
Back to the bando and back to the trap
Face in my Backwood, I’m not tryna match
Got on my knees and asked God to help me
Acting like I don’t know you like I got amnesia
Portraits in my mansion of Mona Lisa
My partners begging me just like they Felicia

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3 – Takeoff)
Muddy trouble on the way to Georgia Southern
Poured me a four and went out of it
Tried to hit a ni**a in the head with so many charges
Should’ve caught a concussion
When I got to the show I woke up, didn’t know nothing
All I seen was police, sheriff, and drug enforcers
Took that, zipped up my hoodie then I got the TEC
And I asked for the Ozium cause it was musty, spray!
But it’s too late for all that cause they looking
Now it’s bout time to walk into the building
My gat’s in my britches, I keep smelling cookies
No this ain’t a wrap, but I smell what they cooking
When I was on stage, I didn’t have a feeling
That they was behind me plotting, tryna get me
If I knew then what a ni**a had seen
Promise we wouldn’t be in this predicament
Had a zip in my net when I got jammed
Went to the toilet, threw and flushed it down
Looking cause it wasn’t no cameras around
Autistic when they come to question on sound
Not talking so whatever you know, you found
But you ain’t find s**t, ni**a, I’m not a clown
Searching so hard, left some drank in the ground
F*** all that s**t, my ni**a’s out the slam
Nah forreal, Takeoff!

(Repeat Chorus)