Jeremih – Woosah ft. Juicy J & Twista Lyrics

Lights low, get lit
Get drunk, clothes off
Mouth closed, take d*ck
Weed loud, twist up
Lace up, legs up
Throwback, look back
Woosah, get that
Lights low, get lit
Clothes off
Mouth closed, take d**k
Weed loud, twist up, I love a chick that can smoke
Lace up, legs up
Throwback, look back
Woosah, get that, tell her man

(Verse 1 – Jeremih)
I don’t mind
What happens every time
It happens every time
When you put that ass on my face
Feel like I’m bout to drown
And no help is around

(Bridge – Jeremih)
I ain’t worried about no other b*tch you got me
Use them lips you know I love you, kiss my body
Way you throw when you on all four my goddie
Can you do it on the d**k I didn’t know remind me
Slip and slide you know that’s how you get around me
Speed it up I see you want to test my Rarri
True you know we spending through this flip you got me
Cause all I know is f**king you the s**t

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Juicy J)
She say she like the way I light it
We’ll roll some weed let me ignite it
Ain’t no pu**y like your pu**y the way I like it
The way you f**k me I might buy it
Rub on your titties some more
I throw this cash on the floor
You give me a private show
I put my d**k in front row
Freaky ass, turn the cameras on
Ride this bone, f**k me to this song
I might take you home, now roll some more baby

(Repeat Bridge & Chorus)

(Verse 3 – Twista)
First I tell her I like my bedroom when she sleeping with me
Then I’mma tell I’ll get it wet if I let her get freaky with me
You be telling her whatever you want
Verbally or with your body wither which way
I want to get with you so come creeping with me
Through the corridors of the hotel on the way to the suite
Look at you for seat, go ahead start it off
Room or kitchen cause it ain’t that far to walk
Don’t be tripping take that Ferrogamo off
Look at you naked just for a second
Then take off our clothes then go to the bed
Then lay on my back cause I heard you be the s**t
So come show me what you can do with the d**k
I lick on that pu**y I’ll open the crack
How we be on each other we got an energy
The way we freak on each other we got a chemistry
I have you kiss on my body I’ll have you licking me
I all I have to say is f**king you was the sh*t to me

(Repeat Bridge & Chorus)