Jeremih – Actin Up Lyrics

(Verse 1)
What’s the use in buying that new coupe
When you riding round by yourself?
What’s the use in buying that big crib
When ain’t no one round to help?
When I show up, I’ma show out
I’ma turn up when you show me that
Baby hold up, won’t you hold up
Go crazy, don’t hold it back
I like to play crazy sometimes
Forward headed, dreams to the stars
How you stay freaky til the sun up?
How you, baby? Stronger

Acting up, acting up
We be acting up, she be acting up
I be acting up when the ash is up
We acting up, and that’s enough
Acting up, I be acting up
She be acting up, commas, we be acting up
Baby, acting up, just acting up
We acting up, that’s enough

(Verse 2)
Got a little bi**h from the east side
Got it going on on the west
And I’m strong all in my legs
All that weed, body sweat
I’ma treat you so special
All I need to hear is, yes
Know I got you f**king with the best side
You ain’t gotta keep it on the inside
Girl when your bout it
I know it’s over
People around and
You be like, so what?
All the cameras on you cause you

Acting up, she be acting up
I be acting up, acting up
We be acting us, they be acting us
Cause we acting up, that’s enough
Ass is up, I be smacking up
We be smacked enough off that Jack and her
They be acting us, they be acting us
We acting up

(Verse 3)
Best, do it the best
Baby I’m professional
Girl don’t hit me unless
You all on me undressed
Why am I the only one dressed?
Come on, show less
Then we’ll have to leave another mess
Wonder why the pu**y so wet
Why my sheets always be a mess
Please tell me when we gon sesh
I’ll apply the right amount of pressure
You ain’t pulled up on me in a long time
Hope you ain’t doing nothing else
Know that you be out here acting so shy
But why you always shake when I caress you?
Don’t need no cameras, turn off the lights
With the action, we be

(Repeat Chorus)