Master P says He Never Abused His Wife Sonya Miller

Master P and his estrange wife Sonya Miller divorce and custody battle is getting nasty.

Sonya filed court documents claiming that P has been verbally and physically abusing her, as well as, plotting to turn their kids against her.

Master P Wife Suing Son Romeo Miller During Divorce Saga

But the rap titan is calling the accusation BS saying that her attorneys are the ones who got it all wrong. Sonya Miller currently has a temporary restraining order against Master P since October and now she wants to make it permanent, TMZ reported.

“After 5 years, all her attorneys can come up with are false accusations,” P said in a statement. “I will pray for my ex. This is a sad day for our family, but we will get past this.”

The couple appeared in court on Tuesday for a hearing to make the restraining order permanent.