Busta Rhymes – Respect My Conglomerate 2 ft. Fabolous, Jadakiss & Styles P Lyrics

This motion picture is being presented to you by the conglomerate entertainment
Please advised you should consider this as a warning

(Verse 1 – Busta Rhymes)
Now we came here to demonstrate all the real
That we create
We the master of the street f**k what you heard
Cause everything else is quite absurd
And you know we keep it tight, that’s what they say
And when you whip it in your truck just bang this everyday
We won’t stop rocking, we coming correct
And all these rappers can’t stand us but give us respect

Stop what you’re doing
Cause I’m about to ruin
The image and the style that you’re used to
You see we dropping that strong s**t
More powerful and dominant
So just respect my conglomerate

(Verse 2 – Busta Rhymes)
Look ni**a them back as bigfoot
Giant King Kong boss presence, they’ve been shook
Try it now
Lock the street, let the kid cook
Tie it down
Don’t be mad when your bi**h look
Quiet down
You don’t sound too convincing
Low stamina rap ni**as, you need ginseng
I godfather this s**t, pinky ring king
I bomb ni**as, nuclear missiles is whistling
Now ya’ll ni**as wanna run and high like roaches
Combo a…on them boats, let the ships in
It’s been a drought, coke prices is up, ching-ching
Shell a ni**a from Brooklyn house to Sin City
Get real warm, hailstorm
Like the shaking and beefing in jail domes
Got a ni**a beasting aware, I’m in rare form
Now watch how they respecting when ringing the air horn

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3 – Fabolous)
With success comes stress if it’s my grind
So I light up every night ni**a, skyline
I keep getting better, they should call me fine whine
While these used to bes wish they filled with
But nah, it is what it f**king is
And going hard is just a part of the f**king biz
No porno, right now I’m in the Bordeaux
We usually in a pair of damn I never saw those
Glass of pink for everybody
They say stay hungry and never thirsty
So I’m buying drinks for everybody
Problem is that I can’t link with everbody
And everybody think they everybody
You think you Big Meech? No you don’t
Bring the strip club to the house? No you won’t
And I’d invite you to the top but I’m sure
It’s for real ni**as and you’d get stopped at the door

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 4 – Jadakiss & Styles P)
Yeah, a real ni**a never worry bout what a coward do
Time is money
So I respect what an hour do
One phone call
And the posse’ll shower you
You know my regime is much more powerful
Same plans of course
Every gram is
Get charged to the game cause every man’s a boss
Respect my conglomerate, ni**a
Cash in the stash and the mask
My connect is anonymous
You don’t wanna problem with
Ni**as that get your momma hit
No death where the flesh rule
Ni**a I’m the s**t no restroom
No room to rest
Them ni**as’ll test you
See where it gets you
Baptize these rap guys, the gat flies
Crack pies, big ni**as get half size
When the sword hits the waist or the four hits the face
He gone need a prayer, put the call into Ma$e
I put it all in the
Put it all in the Chase
All in Wachovia
All in the H
9mms and Tec-9’s, you will respect mines

(Repeat Chorus)