Iba Mahr Ft. Capleton – Clean and Pure Lyrics

(Pre Chorus)
My heart is clean and pure
I say the most high can bless you up for sure
Get away now
My prayer get a way now

From your heart is clean and pure
I say Jah is gonna bless you up for sure
Wicked get away now
My prayer run away now

(Verse 1 – Iba Mahr)
A nuff a dem grudge mi fi the clarks weh mi a wear
A nuff a dem nuh love fi si the youth dem all a steer
But fi every pagan mi seh Jah prepare a spear
Suh if you know you live good you nuh haffi fear

(Verse 2 – Capleton)
Iba dem naw go be the first nor the last one
Weh fi grudge you fi the bally and the clarks an
And the house, and the car, and the fork land
Suh mi si seh dem nuh real well dem a carbon
Dem heart dutty like the rubbish weh mi walk pon
Well it look like dem mussi a mix up wid the

No wi nuh si dem, no wi nuh si dem
Vampires hunting blood wi nuh have none fi gi dem

No wi nuh si dem, no wi nuh si dem
From heart nuh clean wi nuh waan be dem

No wi nuh si dem, no wi nuh si dem
Dem grudge wi fi wi glory and a gwaan like a fi dem

No wi nuh si dem, no wi nuh si dem
Cleanliness is godliness a that wi gi dem

(Repeat Pre Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Capleton)
Dutty heart show dem up
A just true corruption grow dem up
True dem nuh clean that slow dem up
A that’s why mama earth haffi throw dme up

(Iba Mahr)
A the monkey climb and now him expose
A try fi sniff out people business suh dem push up dem nose
I tell you seh a righteousness dem always try oppose
The most high have a message fi dem and those

Tell dem fi step aside and get out a the way
Mi never lose mi faith and mi never stop pray
And tell the ghetto youths dem nuh fi go a stray
I hail king selassie high every night and day

(Repeat Chorus)