Beenie Man Explains Why He Diss Mavado

Beenie Man is coughing up an explanation on why he release a diss song aimed at Mavado.

The dancehall legend raised a lot of eyebrows last week when he released a new single dissing the Gully Gad calling him a “rapper groupie.”

BEENIE MAN going In calls Mavado “Barber Boy” & “Rapper Groupie”

In a video released on social media, Beenie Man says that he diss Mavado before of the line in “Money A Di Right Ting” single.

“Mavado did a song about me saying that he is going to throw stone in the glass house where every man live in and them should cool like the Doc and go simmer,” Beenie said. “Now what does that mean I put this question to you. I am no simmer because I am on top for 23 years. Top 10 artist then top 5 artist. If you call my name the wrong way then I am going to answer you.”

Over the weekend Mavado post a photo of himself in his Jacuzzi with the caption, “All dem a talk a to the wall Dem a talk and my fans Dem know it so just to say don’t worry about fools dat waste Dem time in this industry and now trying to make them last bread Dem must be sick in them Rass head ahahah.”

Mavado has not responded to Beenie Man song or his statement.