Ishawna Benz and Other Downsound Property Seized, Is Joe Going Broke

Ishawna is no longer rolling around town in her white C-Class Mercedes Benz.

Jamaican authorities swoop down and seized the luxury vehicle this week, as well as, other properties belonging to Downsound Records.

Urban Islandz learned that the properties were seized to satisfy a JM$15 million judgement against Skatta Burrell and Downsound Records headed by Joe Bogdanovich.

Ishawna Gets Mercedes-Benz From DSR Boss Bogdanovich

The record label and the producer lost a lawsuit last month involving copyright infringement for their use of Andre ‘Rookie’ Tyrell’s Superstar Rhythm on Specialist 2011 hit “Street Hustle.”

A judge ordered them to fork over in the ballpark of JM$15 million to Tyrell for compensatory damages under the copyright act.

Ishawna took to Instagram over the summer to show off her Mercedes Benz C-Class given to her as a gift from her boss Joe Bogdanovich. Turns out that the car was registered under the label name and will now be auctioned off to satisfy the judgement.



  1. A so dem a move wit di copyright ting inna Jamaica now?

  2. oh dam, that was shortlived. he’ll probably replace it when the money right again

  3. Wonder wat story she planning up nowfi tell wi.?..if this even true.

  4. Oh dear…