Chief Keef – Walnuts Lyrics

Know how we rocking man, we going nuts man
Going nuts man, f**king sl*ts man
F**king up these bucks man, copping mansions man
Flexing on these overgrown goofy ass ni**as, going walnuts

(Chorus – Chief Keef)
Going walnuts
I’m going walnuts
Bi**h, I’m going walnuts
Bi**h, I’m going walnuts
I can’t eat no walnuts
But guess what, bi**h I’m going walnuts
I’m going so nuts, I’m going walnuts
Going Planters, going walnuts
Going cashews, going walnuts

(Verse – Chief Keef)
She want credit, I am not a cashier
Free promotion, I don’t know, that’s weird
She want me to f**k her, that’s my thot from last year
I can’t do that s**t, that’s backwards
We going forward with this s**t
I’m buying toys with this s**t
I’m buying guns with this s**t
I’m getting funds off this s**t
She gotta s**k on my d**k
Just to step in my crib
Bi***h, my crib is two mill
Or three mill, I really don’t know what it is
But I’m f**king rolling hard
I’m still up, 7 o’clock AM
I’m thinking about mayhem, spray him
Sosa only pull up if they pay him
Smoking trees, getting top by Lanipop
I still want some f**king more zombie top
But I already f**ked
I got a new mansion, she was at my other one
I think she like my shower
She wen’t and bought a hour
We f**ked for bout some hours
She was counting her singles up on my money counter
You smoke sativa, I smoke downers
Too much damn THC, I’ma lunger
I’ma get that chopper, I’ma lumber
And ni**as won’t be talking no damn longer
I f**ked DMX baby mama
Ladera, Shakira, or whatever that bi**h name is
She threw it back for me
I hit her, I sent that bi**h a plane ticket
I’m smoking Mary Jane, ni**a
Bling all in my chain, ni**a
Where that chain come from? Johnny Dang, ni**a
Gang, ni**a
Gun bang like my chop Wayne, ni**a
They like Sosa, you think you Wayne ni**a?
Hell nah, that’s my ni**a though, gang ni**a
Bang, ni**a