Vybz Kartel Denies Discussing Missing Guns In Old NYC Video

Vybz Kartel is denying rumors that he was discussing missing guns in an old video clip of himself talking on the phone in New York City.

A rep for the incarcerated deejay told Urban Islandz that no guns were being discussed by the deejay in the clip it was strictly business.

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“Addi (Vybz Kartel) saw the clip the have been circulating all over social media and he is making it clear that he was strictly discussing business and not guns while on the phone,” his rep told us.

“The clip is an old clip from around 2007-2008 because everyone knows that Addi has not been able to travel to the US for several years after loosing his visa,” his rep added.

Vybz Kartel along with several other dancehall artists lost their US work visa in 2009. By 2010 Vybz Kartel was almost unrecognizable when he started bleaching.

Kartel, born Adidja Palmer, is currently serving a life sentence in prison for a 2011 murder case.

Vybz Kartel before prison photos


  1. Bs article. Bigup worldboss

  2. may i big up the worldboss? or nah

    • Does Kartel even know you??!

      • dwl ziggy, me see seh u love confrontation enuh, and u wah tek set pon me from long time, but mi nah argue wid u lol. i do want to know though, is it a requirement for someone to know you before you big them up? just curious

      • Jackie Stephenson

        I have a job for you. I need to hire you to go find the lizard they chop fine fine fine. I wonder if they fed him to dog Kartel had.

      • Wow! That is some vile evil effen shyte.

      • I’ll never understand the mind of a fan. You people have a mindset which closely resembles that of a heroin junkie, or a crack head. Y’all just keep on making excuses for your unrequited love and adoration of a convicted murderer.
        He’s in prison. He’s a convict. He’s doing time for murder.
        DEAL WITH THAT!!!

      • stop trying to understand it then, i’ve been dealing with it quite fine, how about you?

      • Honestly how old are you 5? Who cares if he knows him or not. Everyone here knows you hate on kartel and I’m pretty sure no one cares here. Everyone is allowed an opinion, it’s in societies all over the world. once someone disagrees with u or bigs up kartel u start to act like a ignorant uneducated fool. Stop crying like a gyal in every post I see ??????

    • Jackie Stephenson

      Mother may I?

  3. “A rep for the incarcerated deejay told Urban Islandz that no guns were being discussed by the deejay in the clip it was strictly business.”


    It serves him right for taking everybody and their mother for a fool. Guns were his business, that’s why he’s doing life in prison. Two guns went missing and a man’s life paid for their loss. Kartel and his rep are confused.

    • By now everyone knows you hate Kartel.

      • I suppose you’ve got nothing but love in your heart for a convicted murderer. Ain’t that so?
        You need to take a moral inventory and find out why you would side with a killer instead of the killer’s victim.

      • Jackie Stephenson

        Just saying. Doesn’t mean I love him but you have made your point for over a year now move on. Let him serve his time in peace.

      • I don’t mean to be flippant, but how am I affecting his time in a Jamaican prison with my musings?! Surely, you don’t think he reads UI, do ya?

      • Jackie Stephenson

        I hope he reads them he needs some sense knocked into his dead brain cells. Nice music good life going and look where he end up. Then that Shawn Storm poor him. I have heard of prisoners being on the net. Look at Luka Magnootta he is on there looking for a lover. You know the guy in Montreal who chop up.the Chinese guy.

      • True! Of all those struggling to get out of poverty, to get a leg up in this world and try to help others this Kartel guy blew his chance over something as inconsequential as two illegal guns. In fact, two guns were more important, more valuable than the life of one man to kartel
        Again, in all seriousness…prison in Canada is nothing like prison on the Islands. Where Luka is right now must seem like a five star hotel to the likes of Kartel.

      • Jackie Stephenson

        Yes but remember the judge granted permission for Kartel to make music behind bars if he chose to? That would mean equipment and Internet.