Dexta Daps – Hennessy Shot Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Same likkle pu**y weh nuh mine si you fall down drop
A the same likkle pu**y si the nine and a call down cops
3:00 thing a clap in yah get hot
Mi a bleach suh mi bring a breakfast
Shot a beat everything a get flat
Watch the freak run up in a death trap
Mi kill everything weh mi si chat
Tell yo mumma buy a cemetery spot
The 12 gage just suh heavy fi clap
Buss in a head like a Hennessy shot
Said likkle pu**y weh deh-deh, when Hennessy pop
Ready fi chat, lift him head like the Hennessy cap
affer the Hennessy block

(Pre Chorus)
Right now mi hungry
Dinner deh a street fi mi hunt hi
People fi dead speak to mi Bounty
Meck mi lick out the teeth wid the pumpy
Dweet fi the country
K waan beating suh dweet fi mi stump hi
Banana clip fi the monkey
Coffin rite fi the junky

The rifle the bryko
Light up brighter than micro
Infinity wid the nitro
1200 S motorcycle

Empty the clip in a the pu**y big belly
Yo think him do lypo
Senti mi send fi the whoozy
Weh meck pu**y brain fly weh gyco

(Verse 2)
Mi gun a clap, you become a bat
Sneak up pon dem endz when dem sit down a chat
By time dem si wi, wi done attack
Rifle a nuh mini gun a clap
No bwoy, a fi mi gun a clap
Mi walk go fi him one O-clock
And anybody weh the squaddy ask dem
Seh officer mi nuh si none a that

(Repeat Chorus 2X)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)