August Alsina – Song Cry Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Sometimes I get emotional
And I can’t seem to find the way I’m supposed to go
And all these so-called people that I’m supposed to know
They be the main ones
Smile up in your face, but behind your back they hate
So I hope you know
You’re like the only reason I’m emotional
My tears fall like water so that I can gr
Not like I was before
Tryna make a change, I need something more

I can’t hold back these tears
Let me cry
They say a man ain’t supposed to cry

So I’ma let the song cry
I’ma let my soul cry through these words
I need to try to free my mind
Sometimes I need to cry just to ease my hurt
But when I let the song cry
Hope you don’t think I still won’t ride for mine
Every rose needs the rain sometimes
But know that you can dry your eyes this time
Let the song cry

(Verse 2)
What am I supposed to do?
Hold it all together when I think of you?
In my heart I’m thinking you were gone too soon
May you rest in peace, yet I can’t sleep
It’s my point of view
Got me in a state of mind, I’m so confused
Crying raindrops so that I can bloom
So what am I to do?

(Repeat Pre Chorus & Chorus)

Let it breathe
Let it breathe
Let it breathe
Let’s get it

(Verse 3)
I may be crying now but I’ll be laughing later
No way, wouldn’t be easy when you’re tryna be the greatest
That ever did it or does it
Ain’t no f**king time for later
And I know they think I’m sporadic
The bastard child of an addict
But I’m way too calculated
I try to love, but I never knew her
This money, I’m blowing through it
Ain’t rocking red or blue, I’m unafilliated
Cause my bloods and my cousins hate me
I try to buy my mama’s love, no she don’t appreciate it
So I stay inebriated
I figured maybe J. Cole or Drizzy Drake
Would drop a verse and tell the people how we hurting
Guess I was mistaken
This moment mine for the taking
For all them nights I thought of suicide, contemplating

(Repeat Pre Chorus & Chorus)