Vic Mensa – Married To The King Freestyle [New Music]

New freestyle here by Vic Mensa “Married To The King,” produced by Deputy.

Who gives a f**k about what anybody say about me
Man y’all ain’t raise me, word to Betsy McGurk-Mensah
She the only one, the only one I can’t let down
Mama, she the reason, she the reason I ain’t quit yet
I wake up at 9 o’clock this morning, 3 o’clock for tequila shots
So sick, blame it on the alcohol, Jamie Foxx
Ready to let it all go
I only wonder, will my ni**as see tomorrow?
Cause we been living like the past can’t catch us
And we been living like them ni**as can’t catch us

Vic Mensa – Married To The King Freestyle Lyrics

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