Vic Mensa – Married To The King Freestyle Lyrics

Yeah, married to the king, married to the mob

(Verse 1)
Who gives a f**k about what anybody say about me
Man y’all ain’t raise me, word to Betsy McGurk-Mensah
She the only one, the only one I can’t let down
Mama, she the reason, she the reason I ain’t quit yet
I wake up at 9 o’clock this morning, 3 o’clock for tequila shots
So sick, blame it on the alcohol, Jamie Foxx
Ready to let it all go
I only wonder, will my ni**as see tomorrow?
Cause we been living like the past can’t catch us
And we been living like them ni**as can’t catch us
And we been running in the streets like it’s recess
I’m so aggressive, man I keep em on the defense
Hey, hey, hey I think I’m gone off the deep end
I’m tryna keep this sh*t together, keep this sh*t together
I call this “Married To The King” and the beat Coretta
How it feel? How it feel? I should be feeling better
That’s f**ked up, man I guess that’s what life is
Best dressed, suicide, Louis neck to the knife
Down to hit a stain like a 197
With my dogs, I hope all dogs go to Heaven
If the lady is a tramp, let her s**k the noodle
And I came for the check, came for the check
And my ni**a got the tote the toaster like a strudel
Shout to Denzel Curry, we don’t take kindly to threats
Ni**as don’t need to see me go cuckoo
Ten seconds from a mental breakdown, I’m out of state now
Old Country Buffet, I got so much on my plate now
I just left L.A., I’m flying right back to L.A. now

I’m married to the beat, she married to the king
Til death do us part, death do us part
And I’m married to the beat, she married to the king
Til death do us part, man, she my baby

(Verse 2)
Toast to the boy going crazy
I told my new bi**h I’m a dog, I’m a dog, I got rabies
I’m staying out the pound, they can’t cage me
I gotta be the man I am, it ain’t no point in tryna change me
And you love me for it
Point me to whoever got the throne, man I’m coming for it
I love it when they underestimate us
I can’t lie, man that sh*t just make me want it more, want it more
All of my s**t is a 1 of 1
Ain’t no second place, ni**a, I’m a self-made ni**a
Man I’m castaway, I had to get it on my own
I was S.O.S., ain’t no help came, ni**a
No bulls**t, ni**a, only true s**t
Put me on a deposition, I can prove it
I can never tell, I can never tell
If it wasn’t for the bank, I could never tell
YSL and Lanvin like a French ni**a
I got shows in Montana like a French ni**a
I been working late nights like I rode by it
I ain’t Will Smith but it feels like I just got hitched, ni**a

(Repeat Chorus 2X)

(Repeat Intro)