Jadakiss Ft. The LOX – Still Grind’n Lyrics

(Intro – Jadakiss)
Look here and stay on your grind
Everyday is a struggle, we all hustle and we grind

Looking mad at me for? Get on your grind, ni**a

(Verse 1)
I got a different kind of mind, I’m a different kind of sign
I’ma Libra but my hustle is a billion dollar grind
I don’t moved a lot of weight, got money every state
I’m sorry I’ve been too busy to notice if you hate
Why your money never up, why ain’t no liquor in your cup
You ain’t buy it but when I see you, you always lighting up
You a roach, f**k first class
Be happy in this coach, we the same
Just me and you ain’t take the same approach
I don’t buy nothing cheap and I don’t even roll deep
I get money night and day so I don’t get a lot of sleep
Gotta let the ni**a know, every time you work the pole
She ain’t a hoe cause she stripping ni**a, she grinding for her dough
We did it on our own, they ain’t throw the LOX a bone
I’m just not given grown man loan
That’s the sh*t I can’t condone
16 in my chrome, loyalty is hard to find
LOX and D-Block stay on our grind

(Chorus – Jadakiss)
Look here: stay on your grind
Everyday is a struggle, we all hustle and we grind
Lil bruh, get yours, come on stay on your grind
Only the strong survive you know we ride until we grind

(Verse 2 – Jadakiss)
Sell what you gotta sell
Get back up though you might of fell
Think about it, get a drink, light a L
Go harder, you might as well
If the decision is yours, how you decide the trail
Either you receiving the letters or you provide the mail
You’re nothing on the streets but the man in the jail
Elbow grease, that’s hammer to nail
If you fail the plan, then you planning to fail
The horror is similar to Amityville
A real hustler gonna grind cause he can and he will
Tryna do whatever to put an end to these bills
Y’all already know that the trinity’s trill
I just wanna know how infinity feels
You knew what it was when you entered the realm
Pay attention all the way to the end of the film
And I’ma stay on my grind and continue to kill

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Stay on your grind, money is on my mind
The plug is on my line
But we don’t say a place, just a time
I don’t
Half in concern cause I’m smart and my arm is strong
Got shooters that’ll ride
You wanna know the shooters, well it’s me, myself, and I
And that’s as far as it’s gon go on this info I provide
Cause I never been a snitch and I never been a snake
Anytime I had beef, I ain’t never went to Jake
Always been a real ni**a, I ain’t never been a fake
They said I was a…that it wasn’t in my face
Stay on your grind, ni**as stay off the swan
I see you in the park in the morning like nine
Or maybe it was Megatron
Depending on
Stay on your grind, ni**a I’m on mine
Rolex tell the time
It’s D-Block set til we die

(Repeat Chorus)