Gage – The Best Lyrics

Wi a the best, we a the best
Wi a the best, we a the best
Yo waan proof? Go get a vest
Tell some pu**y mi nuh bet, nuh tek set

Wi a the best, we a the best
Wi a the best, we a the best
Tell Lui V seh fi tek a wild guess

(Verse 1)
Better yo puff a weed before yo think fi puff mi chest
Tek one, tek two, tek three
None a dem cyaa tek the stripe off a me
Tell Mister ref, refugee, referee
Every gyal in a the world weh look good prefer me
Mi nuh ketchup, mi nuh pepper, mi nuh gracekenedy
Mayonnaise couldn’t’ get a drop pon me
A scammer could a never scam a grand from me
First of all mi don’t even have dollar fi kill nobody
Gyal a seh mi smell sweet before the gold teeth
Yo seet dawg, a nuh the gold dweet
Dem go foreign and come back last week
And guess weh dem come back wid cold feet

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Never drop a freestyle
My style nuh free
When mi drop a style you haffi pay mi the fee
Threader wil calaloo, pocket a money
Real upgrade, technology
Gyal a seh mi walk sweet like the honey
Wonder if a true mi a wear wallaby
Tell some likkle man weh in a the street
When dem si mi grow like a tree tek a leaf
And swave to a gyal dem a wave to the seas
Simply mean seh dem wash weh easily

(Repeat Chorus 2x)