Machine Gun Kelly – Oz Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Early morning cutting corners
Rolling up this marijuana
Stole it straight from California homie what do you got on it?
My cup holder filled with Tropicana
Couple grams of Aunt Jemima
In my hand like candid camera
Vibing to that Country Grammar
Pulling up to Grandma’s
I smell bacon, eggs thats scrambled
Hoppin out then ol boy ran up
My dog grabbed the mc hammer
Make him dance
And watch him run up out their sandals
But f**k all that where’s my sandwich
Let’s blaze up and change the channels
Look on TV and I see me
With that Chief Wahoo on my beanie
Wild Boy, video on repeat
Only white boy on BET
EZ Widers…hydroponics
Roll one tall as Spike Lee
You ain’t never seen a muthaf**ka do it like me

Oz. in my pocket, ducking the cops
Came from the bottom now I get high at the top
Oz. in my pocket, ducking the cops
Came from the bottom now I get high at the top

(Verse 2)
Rolling out, smoking up
Cleveland boys don’t give a f**k
1800 fill my cup
Being sober s**ks
I’ma spend a hundred bucks on a Oz
Gotta call Big Chuck he the OG
And get a zone for the low cause I’m lil bro
Everybody on the Eastside know me
Westside get it cracking and the fact of the matter is
Whether I’m standing on Denison Ave or I’m in the Valley
I’m bringing a Grammy back to the city this is the anthem
Have P. Diddy on St. Clair dancing
Used to ride the RTA
$1.50 every meter
Food wasn’t guaranteed I stole my meals out of Arabica
Speakers blasting my own s**t
Bow tie on the jet on my grown s**t
Court side at the game with the owner
And sell the same arena out when I’m homesick
God damn I’m a fool
Couple hundred diamonds in the tooth
Couple hundred bi**hes in the pool
And out of a couple hundred rappers I am the truth
That’s why I get a couple hundred when I’m in the booth
Still I keep that

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
I come straight from the bottom
No hot water for showers
Stole a jacket from Target
Gotta go to court in two hours
I’m at Dub’s house on Way St.,
Swooped up Slim off of Harvard
Drove down Dove to see Casie
Let’s take it back where we started
When I had that

(Repeat Chorus)