Lil Wayne Threatens Lawsuit Over Leaked Explicit Tape

Lil Wayne is threatening to sue a bunch of websites for posting a leaked explicit tape showing him have relations with strippers.

The video landed online last week and has gone viral. Seems it has also been causing a lot of embarrassment for Weezy because he wants them to disappear. This means that Vivid or anyone of these companies will not be getting their hands on it.

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The Young Money head have his lawyers blast off a cease and desist letter to several websites demanding that they removed the video or face a lawsuit.

“We hereby demand that you immediately cease the use, exploitation and/or distribution of the video,” the letter reads. Failing to comply will result in a lawsuit.

Since the letter was fired off several sites have taken down the video. In case you still want to see you better act now before Weezy scrub it clean from online.