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Gully Bop Says He Is Never Going Back To Europe On Tour, Talks Being Robbed

Gully Bop says that he is taking steps to ensure that his career don’t go under. The viral dancehall deejay recently returned to Jamaica following a successful tour in Europe.

But Bop is saying that all didn’t go well and he may never return to Europe on tour. The “Wuk Off A Mi” deejay says that he didn’t perform in Germany despite headlines that he was flopped.

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“People in Germany are saying Gully flop because promoters keep show and tickets are not selling so he said that he want when I come to the next show in Germany somebody should put ganja in my pocket so that police arrest me and so that I can’t get to come to his show,” Bop explain.

“I didn’t flop because I didn’t collect any money to do any show. I did five shows in Europe and everyone of the shows that I did the promoters complain that they didn’t make any money and want to give you some little crumbs money. I love Europe but I ain’t coming back,” Gully Bop said.