Shauna Chin Only With Gully Bop For Money Says Nuffy

Emcee Nuffy is speaking out on Gully Bop and Shauna Chin relationship claiming that she is only dating the viral dancehall artist for his money and fame.

There seems to be some bad blood brewing between Nuffy and Gully Bop over recent allegations over booking fees.

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“She tell me say him have ‘junjo’ pon him teeth, so she nuh want him,” Nuffy said. “But because she realise say she can make a money off a him, she run go start kiss him up.”

The popular emcee also claimed that Gully Bop once confessed that he is being scammed by Shauna Chin but is afraid to come forward.

“Sorry fi mawga dog dem tun roun’ bite you,” Nuffy added. “A Heavy D sort out bank book and passport fi dem, and look how dem treat him? Gully Bop, a you same one come cry to we say you think Chin a scam you, but you fraid fi talk because she have a video wid you a do sum’n.”

Chin is hitting back saying that Nuffy statement is all a publicity stunt.

“Nuffy a gwaan like him inna bed wid me when me and Bop a dweet,” she said. “Nuffy too lie. A publicity him a look. Stop worry bout me and Bop relationship because we nah worry bout you.”