Mavado – Blood Moon Lyrics

Nuh bwoy weh love chat cyaa tell wi dem a soldier
No link cyaa save you, no oil and no powder
Jungle run dem over
Dem get wi dark

A nuh we dem a talk
Gully side a nuh me dem a talk
No a nuh we dem a talk
A rifle wi fire in a tree dem a bark

Mobay a nuh we dem a talk
Kill some a nuh me dem a talk
Ochi a nuh we dem a talk
Well Gully Side seh a in a dream dem a walk

(Verse 1)
Dem play out like Cardiroy
That’s why mi kill dem all the while
Buss out brain gi the john-crow dem fi smile
Mi hand straight pon the rifle dem fi mile
Bwoy lost dem head, dem in-denial
This time somebody dead, dem know mi style
Mi tell you wi nuh play games a over soil
In a the end a one side and a Gully Side
Killing is a game and mi never crying
In a middle day and mi never hide
Walk up pon the pu**y and mi never ride
And mi never stop squeeze till the nozzle slide
Grands Pen nuh tek beating like any child
A we seh rich badness wid many style
Well the top boss league a nuh fi no smile
You a badman fi who, you a pedofile

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Mi squeeze chigger
Breath leave bigger
Mi nuh christian like Audigga
If you nuh si wa mi a seh you cyaa live yah
Every minute a the day my war bigger
The blood moon surround the perimeter
Dem bwoy deh luke warm si ferniest yah
Tell Lucifer, tell Lucifer
Seh the mack 90 paint a new picture
When mi claat up the K dem bwal fi ma
Bout give a likkle chance fi gone fi wa?
Well everybody know mi born fi wa?
Fi murder dem call mi kill quicker
Blood splash pon dem shirt like spilled liquor
Gun powder smell high like indic**k
Dem nuh up to the Gaad
Mi murder dem inferior

(Repeat Chorus)

One Comment

  1. I think it’s “furnace” instead of “furniest”, “trigger” instead of “chigger” and you missed “criteria” after “up to the Gaad”.