Young Thug – Raw Lyrics

(Verse 1)
These ni**a’s knock off diamonds are shining
But they ain’t blinding
No pizza bi**h I got banks in my pockets
Where’s the ladder I’m climbing
She gon pop, lock it and drop it
I ain’t talking wrist but she watching
Me right now, hundred bands stuffed in my jeans right now
YSL, there’s no I in team right now, no way
Beating the block till the sun come up
I’m rocking gold like Rols-R-Us
I talk more sh*t than Damien does
I put the steel up in stain lil cuz
I, I, I be that Young Thugger Thug
Throwing these bi**hes straight off of the boat
We don’t save them
Hey, a wise man told me nothing
He said them snitches they get stitches
I just spent a Bentley on my kidneys
Saying I gave my bro the address to road to riches

I, I might just take care of bae
Yeah, I might just make karat my ladies
On my worse day she a 9 like Brady
But I traded in the Keisha or Kaycee’s
Yeah, she love me, she love me, love me for that
Yeah, she love me, she love me, love me for that
Yeah, she love it, I’m honest she loving that
Yeah, my love is so big she can’t lose that

Ay, yeah, yeah
Saying to her
That’s how you do it ni**a
That’s how you motherf**king do it ni**a
Peep this, ay

(Verse 2)
L-O-V-E, I say lil mama down to ride and die for me
Okay, you green no seaweed
Psych, I want you to hurry get into me
I drop like ten thousands ones on ones on ones
I told her come on home hun
You can have my son
We eat ching chong, diamonds they go boing
Hop inside that pu**y like a trampoline, boing boing
Hey wait
Grab that lil ass by the way
Beep beep beep like a bus on that ass, so big
I swear to god I’mma f**k her now her body getting big
I swear to god I’mma do everything I ain’t did
Plus brodie said the bi**h pu**y bright pink as a pig

(Repeat Chorus)