Monty Zoo Ft Fetty Wap – CashGreen Lyrics

(Chorus – Monty)
Bi**h, you know I’m all about this CashGreen
Every time she see me riding, make her wanna get inside it
Balling like a muthaf**king athlete
Anything you see you got it, and we only make deposits
Get two of your girls, that’s a tag team
Then just start the pu**y popping, I just wanna see you drop it
And she cook the work like a trap queen
She be looking like the hottest and she only bout them dollars

(Verse 1 – Monty)
Red bottoms, Neuman Marcus, bend it over, she Miss Parker
Range Rove, Beamers, Porshes, they ain’t know we some boss
And I got that thing up in the car, hope you proceed with caution
Catch him when he sleeping, while he creeping, only three to off him
Got that choppa singing money ringing, I can hear it calling
Probably out in Phoenix, in the arena and the squad preforming
Like my conceded and she need it then you better park it
Never been defeated, got that nina, I ain’t scared to spark it
Call me up to beat it, when I leave it, you gonna wanna park it
ZooGang that’s who we is, when you see us
You know we some ballers
Remy by the liter, I might leave her and never call her
Ain’t f**king no skeeters, that’s on Yeezy, whatcha got to offer?

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Fetty Wap)
Zoovier, I run the Zoo and Monty Zoo the captain
Get em off for 32, you know we move that magic
Parked the Rarri in the hood, you know I made it flashy, aye
Most of these bi**hes ratchet if you ask me, aye
Getting head in the Rarri, nothing’s classy, aye
If I ain’t make that bi**h nut then Monty smash it, aye
And any bi**hes ain’t want it then Monty pass it, aye
Never beefed over bi**hes, boy that’s trashy, aye
Swerving Rarris and the Lambos in the hood, ni**a, aye
Cheated off another, I’m with some hood ni**a, aye
Every time you see the ZooWap in the hood, ni**a, aye
Run up on the Zoo, I wish you would, ni**a

(Repeat Chorus)