Foota Hype Insist Aliens Are In Jamaica Post Photo Evidence

Dancehall fans are calling Foota Hype a mad man but the veteran sound system selectors says that he is not crazy he is just educated.

Foota has been talking a lot about aliens these days and insist that extraterrestrials are responsible for his recent milt stroke. The producer is also responding to criticisms that he has been getting on IG since posting a photo of an alleged alien craft over the skies of Jamaica.

“This one is for all u brainwashed no knowledge stupid fools who ready to talk sh*t about mi because I spoke of aliens and other beings coming to earth and living among us this was yesterday in Mobay in plain sight y’all better wake the f*** up,” Foota said.

A photo posted by @footahypemusic on

A lot of the selector’s followers on Instagram are blaming his split from baby mama Ishawna for his recent health issues.




  2. Stroke left him mentally ill, karma is hitting him left and right.